Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer Projects

Three weeks of our summer break has already gone by, time is flying.  We still have to take a trip to visit different family members.  Which will  take a week or so, and have to manage doing this around kricket's band practice and band camp schedule; something that some folks just don't seem to understand.  When you have even one teen  that is active in school (kricket is in band and ROTC), life tends to revolve around their schedules.
(ok done with my little rant)
As for our summer projects, we are taking this time to get into a healthier mode of life.  Already we have visited the local U-Pick farm, unfortunately the day we went everything was muddy and it started pouring rain before we had even filled 2 5-gallon buckets. We did however avail ourselves of the large selection of pre-picked fresh veggies.  And ended up with about 2 5gallon buckets of cucumbers, 3 + of tomatoes, a bushel sack of purple hull peas, and a bucket full of onions, a small bag of peppers, and one sole watermelon. However given the torrential downpour, taking pictures was not a top priority, I did get one of kricket while picking onions.
kricket picking onions in her "farmer outfit"

We had planned to dry the tops for chives, that didn't happen as the DH decided to slip in the drive, freaking us out thinking he had broken something when he couldn't stand on his own...spending the day following an ambulance and then waiting in the ER will make one forget about making chives.  It was just a really bad pulled muscle, thankfully.
But we did get cucumbers made into sweet slices and dill spears, the tomatoes were eaten, made into salsa (or as kricket said taco seasoning, since not sure we are going to like this recipe), and marinara.  There are still about a dozen or so left that I am trying to decide what to do with.  The watermelon, will be partially eaten and partially turned into a treat with the dehydrator.
We are planning to head back to the U-Pick in Wiggins, grabbing more cucs and maters this weekend.  Maybe some corn and butter beans to shell if they have any ready.  I need to get some jars filled with tomato soup and lots more pickles.  Some veggie soup on the shelves would be amazing too.  Can taste grandma's home canned veggie soup and cornbread just thinking about it.  In fact that just might become dinner tonight.

I do have some sewing projects for the summer as well.  Aprons, always more aprons, maybe some decor for the kitchen table, and a special project.  I have been saving old stained, hole-y t-shirts for some time now, just for this one.  A rag rug for the kitchen.  For some reason I have always loved the look of them, in the kitchen, the front porch, wherever a rug can be tossed.  They just give off a homey feel to an area. I think I have enough t-shirts, so making the t-shirt yarn will be happening soon, and then let the construction begin.   I intend to crochet this first one.  Maybe for another I will set up an inexpensive loom and make larger rectangular rugs, that is way in the future though.

For now though, kricket is wanting to learn to make my homemade yogurt and granola.  Looks like tomorrow is planned out.